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Enhance Strength Training With A Weight Vest

Have you ever wished you can carry a pair of dumbbells anywhere you go? Or pocket some hand weights so you can still feel like working out even when you’re just walking? The weight vest makes all these things possible. Even better, the weight vest is a wearable weight itself, so you don’t have to fill your pockets with dumbbells. Wearing a weight vest is not only limited to high-intensity and complex training, but it is also helpful even in simple running and cardio routines. With a weight vest to boost your strength and muscle size, any activity would be effective in improving your overall fitness. 

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The weight vest magnifies the result of any training by adding tension and stress on the body. The added load on the chest also provides an extra challenge for the heart to deliver nutrients to the muscles properly. With a weighted vest, you can build and tone your muscles more efficiently even with simple routines. The additional tension on the muscles is also beneficial in getting rid of unwanted fats. Through Home Gym Set Australia, you can acquire top-notch weight vests on their lowest and most reasonable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a weight vest and how does it work?
Think of a weight vest as a wearable weight or weighted body armour but instead of going to the battle, your destination is the gym. Perhaps the downside of strength training is getting your muscles accustomed to the stress. Indeed, tension and pressure provoke the muscles to grow big, but the muscles can also quickly develop resistance to the training. With a weight vest to compliment your simple routines, like jogging or sit-ups, you can provide more challenge and boost the effects of your workout. By wearing a weight vest during your training, you can increase the strain and pressure on your muscles. The weight vests have promising results on two types of activities:

  • Bodyweight training. Boost your bodyweight training with wearable weights to add an extra challenge to your routines. With a weight vest, your classic push-ups and jumping jacks can go from so-so to an intense clash of panting and sweating. Since the tension of the weight vest is usually more significant on the chest, you can perform loaded moves more effectively and with a broader range of motion. These wearable weights are also useful for gym-goers who would want to level up their strength or CrossFit training but has a weak grip. With these fitness accessories, you can perform intense training without holding or carrying anything with your hands.
  • Cardio exercises. What is a better way of improving your breathing pattern and heart output than loaded training? More so, with weight vests, your hands are free to carry more loads during your usual cardio routines. Cardio exercises aim to condition your body, especially your heart to perform effectively even during intense workouts. Running or climbing stairs while wearing weight vests can not only fire your heart but also enhance its endurance. With a weighted accessory to use during your training, you can improve the endurance of both your muscles and your heart.

Aside from that, the weighted vests are also useful in weighted walking, weighted plyometrics, acceleration training, and agility training. The weight vests vary in load, and some have even removable weight blocks so you can modify the total weight of the vest. With adjustable straps, you can ensure a snug fit of the weight vest on your torso. Look through our different options and level up your workouts with a weight vest to achieve better output.

How do I shop for a weight vest?
Before you make your way to your nearest fitness store or buy the vest with multiple stars rating, you should know what features you should expect and what points you have to check to ensure the aptness of your weight vest. Here are the things you should keep in mind when you shop for a weight vest:

  • Determine a comfortable weight for your vest. If you are still new to the weighted exercise or training, you might want to start easy with a weight vest. Immediately starting on heavier loads will only result in tensed and painful muscles. There are also weight vests with adjustable loads so you can modify the total mass. With the removable weights of your weight vest, you can ensure progression to your training.
  • Aim for a suitable fit of your vest. Your weighted vest should come with adjustable straps and locks so you can have comfortable workouts without the vest getting in your movements. Weight vests usually come in a one size fits all, so you should ensure the snug but comfortable fit of your gear. The adjustable straps and zips should also be secure to prevent the weight from getting loose while doing your workouts.
  • Check the quality of the material of the weight vest. With the weighted blocks or bags that could reach high loads, the material of your weight vest should be durable enough to sustain the stress. The stitches and the fabric of your weight vest should be able to maintain the original form and sturdy feature of your weighted accessory. The last thing you would want is to hear a ripping sound while doing your jumping jacks or your weight vest getting droopy after extended use. Hence, it is essential to source your weighted vest from trusted and reliable suppliers. 
  • Consider how much the weight vest will cost you. You should source your weight vest from a provider that sells authentic and genuine products at a reasonable price. Even when your weight vest is comfortable and of high-quality material, you should not settle for an overpriced product. With a trustworthy provider, you will get a fair price and genuine transactions at the same time.

By noting these points, you will have a helpful guide when rummaging through the numerous weight vests for sale in the market. Check the different options available at our product page and find great deals on multiple fitness tools and apparels.

Where can I score authentic weight vests in Australia?
Home Gym Set Australia is an online shop for fitness apparels and gym gears. With our vast options on every product, you don’t have to visit different stores to compare the weight vest price. To provide superior service, we keep broad options of high-quality and authentic weighted vests from popular brands such as Ironedge™ and Orbit Fitness™. Home Gym Set Australia maintains reputable reviews through informative and helpful online service. Based in Australia, we extend our range of services to anyone who wishes to avail our fitness products. Receive your weight vests in an instant with our timely deliveries anywhere you are. With our top-notch selections and quality checks, we can guarantee the excellence and long-lasting use of our weight vest. You can browse through our products and get any apparel delivered to your address with easy steps.