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Max Out Your Squats With A Smith Machine

Have you ever wanted to lift like a professional? Or are the barbells too intimidating for you? Is finding a spotter during your press too tricky? Are you tired of going to the gym that is actually miles away? You don’t need to worry. You can bring your presses and squats to the comforts of your home with a smith machine. You don’t even have to ask someone to be your spotter during your workouts. Its safety designs and sturdy construction will allow you to focus more on your lifts without worrying about the balance and stability of the barbell. With the different variations, you can even engage multiple and large muscles groups from your shoulders to your legs. With a smith machine in your home gym, there is nothing that can stop you now from raising your limits and power.

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Perhaps one pitfall of weighted workouts is the effects of improper techniques on posture. Without the proper form, instead of enhancing your strength, the weighted routines might even cause pains and muscle injuries. With a smith machine to facilitate assisted workouts, you can ensure progress without risking your safety. Smith machine is a gym essential, especially in a home set up where no one is there to assist you. Through Home Gym Set Australia, you can have various smith machines from trusted brands like Orbit Fitness™ in their lowest and most reasonable price. Get your smith machine now and perfect squats in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smith machine?
This weight machine is popular with people who are into weight training or even total body workouts. It consists of a barbell that you can load with different weights at each end. The bar is fixed on rails and allows vertical movements. Some types of smith machines are angled, so you have to lean a little when doing the workout. The smith machine has bar catches and pulleys and allows calculated movements. If you want to have various sets of exercises or to isolate specific muscles, the smith machine can definitely meet your needs. Some smith machine exercises you can do include:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench press
  • Bicep curls
  • Shoulder press

These different workouts can target the muscles of your shoulders and legs, especially the glutes and hamstrings. Compared to lifting heavy free weights without support, you can prevent swinging of the shoulders or leaning to the sides when you use a smith machine. Shop in our online store now and secure not only your safety during workouts but also your money’s worth. With our top-tier products, we can guarantee you quality workouts every day.

What can I get from a smith machine?
Aside from the aesthetic effects of owning modern equipment in your home gym, the smith machine can give you an upper hand when it comes to strength training. Here are the benefits you can have when you add a smith machine in your home gym: 

  • The smith machine effectively builds muscles. As it supports weighted training, the smith machine can assist in bodybuilding workouts. With the different weight plates available, you can add more resistance to your routines. And when you add more load to your training, your muscles will adapt by increasing in size and strength. Much more, the different load increments of the smith machine will facilitate a progressive workout.
  • The smith machine supports total body workout. With a smith machine in your home gym, you won’t need much more equipment to improve holistic body fitness. The smith machines enable different variations you can do to target various muscle groups. Besides, the smith machine also provides resistance so you can maximise the effects of each movement to develop different muscles.
  • The smith machine is safe and easy to use. Some smith machines like the counterbalance type have extra safety measures. If you feel unsure during squats, you can simply twist your wrists, and the bar will come into place. The sets of bar catches and fail-safe structure of the smith machine allows you to workout independently without a spotter. And with the different weight plates available on the smith machine, every starter can find the optimum load for them to begin. 

Look through our catalogue now and experience these advantages of owning a smith machine. With our on-time deliveries, you can perform squats and bench presses safely and independently.

What are the different smith machines for sale?
Before you go shopping for a smith machine, you should know the different types you can find on the market: 

  • Commercial. This simple and huge smith machine type is common in commercial gyms. Its sturdy build and heavy-duty construction can withstand the effects of regular use in the fitness centres. It also has a plate storage station to facilitate convenience during the workout. Sometimes bolted to the floor, these smith machines can ensure your security even when it holds heavy plates.  
  • Angled. To ensure proper posture during squats, the angled smith machines slightly incline to one side. The angled smith machine will require you to lean more when doing the squats. This slight difference in movement will give better results and even target your glutes more efficiently. The benefits of the angled smith machines on the posture and the range of motions when doing the exercise are the reasons why it slowly becomes the standard equipment.
  • Selectorised. Aside from the different height selections on the post, this type of smith machine also offers ease of use when shifting between weight plates. Instead of manually loading the plates yourself, you just have to place a pin safely to start working out with the desired weight. The different weight-bearing style of this machine makes it less popular but unique.
  • Multifunction. Also known as a multistation home gym, the smith machine only comes as one of its equipment. The all-in-one feature of this equipment is a total fitness package for a home gym set up. The diverse equipment available will allow you to perform numerous exercises and variations.
  • Counterbalance. Like the selectorised smith machine, this type has a different weight-bearing system. The bars and posts of this machine are sturdier to ensure safety during training. Although you will have to load the plates manually, its counterbalance system makes it easier to add and remove a weight plate. With this type of machine, you will not have a difficulty of racking and reracking the barbell like the traditional rack types.

Each type of smith machine has its perks and benefits, but all of them will give you the same effects on the muscles. Get a smith machine for your home gym now. You can look through the different selections and have one delivered in your name right away!