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Jump Your Way to a Perfectly Fit Body with the Skipping Rope

The most intensifying and safest cardio workout is through a skipping rope. Skipping ropes or jump ropes have long been the staple exercise equipment of all athletes, no matter what their physical sports are. Skipping ropes are the most effective calorie burner and heart pumper across all types of cardio home gym equipment. What’s more convenient in it is it virtually doesn’t take up space either in storage or when you workout with it. You can never find any exercise equipment that’s only about two digits to the dollar and can still be very efficient in cardio, body toning, and strength training. That’s why Home Gym Set Australia never forgot to add jump ropes to its collection of cardio equipment. We have skipping ropes from 66Fit, Ballistyx, Epitomie Fitness, IronEdge, among others which can withstand the onslaught of your jumps and its impact on the floor.

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Skipping ropes come in varying materials, lengths, and even shapes but they aim to do one thing: To pump your heart out, improve blood and oxygen circulation, increase your calorie loss, and tone your physique. These are just some of the positive effects that a skipping rope can do to your body. When compared to running, the calorie-burning capacity of a skipping rope is equivalent to an 8-minute mile run. If you want to boost your cardio, and do your body a favour not too exhaust it too much then click and buy your skipping rope at Home Gym Set Australia’s online fitness store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I gain when exercising with a skipping rope?

Though there are several obvious advantages in using a jump rope to your regular workout sessions, it’s still important to be reminded of why a jump rope is the most effective way in enhancing the internal and external features of your body. Let’s bring to light a few of them.

Calorie Burning Machine

Your body and not the skipping rope itself is the calorie burner machine in this case. The skipping rope is just the engine that lets you burn the excess fats of your body. It has been proven that in only 15 minutes of using the skipping rope, you can burn from a range of 200 to 300 calories. That’s more than enough calorie burn to efficiently lose your excess curves and tone your body. The secret lies in the major muscle groups involved in undertaking the jump. Your back, shoulders, arms, core, and lower limbs, all of them working together to make you jump the rope. The enormous activity that takes place in your body results in more calorie or energy burns which your body has to supply to sustain the action. You may notice after only a 2-minute jumping session, your body starts to sweat, a lot. That’s your body at work. Cooling you off from the stresses brought about when you jump on a skipping rope.

Heart Health Booster

If you’re a novice at skipping ropes, you will notice that even after just 60 seconds of jumping up and down, you feel your heart beat faster. That’s because your heart pumps out oxygen, calories or energy, and blood throughout your body to sustain the function of its different parts. Now, when your whole body functions altogether, your heart needs to keep up with all the demand for oxygen, energy, and blood. As a result, your heart pumps blood faster. The pumping of blood, together with the oxygen that’s provided by your lungs forces these two most essential parts of your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. Also, the vessels by which your blood is being transported all over your body are cleared of all the blockages that might have accumulated over time due to your inactivity. This is why the jump rope is very popular with seniors, physical rehabilitation facilities, and athletes since having an efficient cardiovascular system significantly affects your overall health.

Coordination Improved

Coordination is achieved when several body parts need to communicate to perform a movement. In skipping ropes, your wrists need to rotate with the rhythm of your lower limbs’ jumping. And consequently, your core, as well as your upper and lower body, needs to lift you up in time for the jump. With this combination of body movements, every part of your body needs to listen and transmit signals well and effectively. Practising coordination by jumping ropes is the simplest and most effective way to also train your brain.

In a 2017 study published by a reputed research journal, it concluded that jumping rope helps in the balance and coordination of autistic children. And in another research, it was found that pre-teen soccer players who used jump ropes in their training have better motor skills than those who don’t.

Musculoskeletal Growth and Strength

The musculoskeletal system of your body is the framework that gives it shape, this means it is the structure comprising of all your muscles and bones that provide you with strength and ultimately defines your form. When exercising using the skipping rope, your body lessens the excess fat but adds the more favourable muscle tissues. This provides you with a lean body structure full of muscles, not fats. Your skin is firm to the touch, and you can withstand more stresses than you had before. This is due to the growth of your muscles as well as your bones. When exercising with a skipping rope, the muscles in your body, especially those in the lower region bit by bit develop micro-tears in them. They are patched up by the natural layering of new muscle tissues. This, in turn, signals your bones to add new layers of bone tissues so that it can support the more weighty mass of your muscles. That’s how the skipping rope keeps you fit and healthy.

What are the types of jump ropes that I can choose from?

Basic Skipping Rope

Basic jump ropes are designed to learn the fundamental moves of jumping rope. They are the most inexpensive type of skipping ropes but nonetheless provide a very efficient workout. Basic jumping ropes are thick but lighter than the weighted ones. Most of these ropes are PVC made, and the handles are either made of rubber or foam to help with the grip.

Beaded Skipping Rope

Beaded jump ropes are also known as segmented ropes and are beginner-friendly. But they are more associated with rhythmic jumping competitions since the beads make a noise when it hits the ground. They have an inner nylon cord hidden by the beads. Beaded skipping ropes are not heavy, but the beads all over its length give it some weight and help to prevent it from tangling. They can be used either outdoor or indoors.

Speed Skipping Rope

These types of skipping ropes are made for speed jumping and are very lightweight than the other types. They are made of thin vinyl cord and are more suitable for indoor use as it can easily be scratched and torn by rough surfaces like pavement. Being built for speed, they create intense workouts and are ideal for those who want to improve their footwork and condition their body.

Weighted Skipping Ropes

Weighted skipping ropes are designed to create tensions on your arms as well as your shoulders. These are the kinds of jumping ropes you would want if you are after a whole-body workout with skipping ropes. The extra weight will require more energy to be expelled. They usually weigh at least 3kg and are typically used by experienced jumpers, but beginners can have a go with them too. Since they are heavier, they are slower and enable the jumpers to focus on the timing and proper form.

What are the basic requirements before I use my skipping rope?

There is not much to prepare, really. But if you’re just starting out your cardio journey then take heed of some of these recommendations below.

  • Find a space that can at least fit two large size freezers so that you have ample room to workout. Also, be mindful of the height above your head to the ceiling. You should have at least a foot of clear space above your head.
  • For the surface texture, it’s better to set up planks of wood on your skipping space. If you don’t have one, you can buy an impact mat from Home Gym Set Australia.
  • For novices, it’s better to start with a beaded skipping rope rather than the cloth or vinyl one since it is easier to control.
  • Adjust the length of the jump rope by holding it with both hands, stepping on it, and aligning the handles to your armpits, then make the necessary alterations.
  • Wear appropriate athletic shoes. It should fit your feet perfectly, and if you have cross-training shoes, you should use that.

How do I incorporate skipping rope in my workout routine?

There are several ways in which you can integrate skipping rope into your regular workout routine.

If you are a beginner in fitness workouts, in general, it would be wise to start with the beginner’s jump exercises. Warm-up first with a jog then complete one set of jumping ropes for about half a minute. Proceed to these 2 beginner’s jumps.

  • Lateral Jumps
  • High Knee Jumps

This can be your workout routine for several workout sessions until you are well enough to endure 15 minutes of this circuit then you’re off to the advanced stages.

If you still desire for a more challenging jump rope training, there are 4 HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) that you can do to maximise the benefits of jumping rope.

  • Basic-easy
  • Jack and Squat – Medium
  • Fighter – Hard
  • Skipmaggedon – Intense

To know more on how to properly execute the workouts, you can reach our fitness coaches at our Contact Us page.