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Increase Your Muscular and Bone Strength Using Resistance Bands

Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned gym-goer, or a professional weight lifter, resistance bands are your companion for every fitness training. It has become quite popular to combine workouts with this fitness accessory for an added fuel to the fire on your bone and muscle strength. Resistance bands are versatile, affordable and easy to use. It involves a different technique of working your muscles. It is the perfect alternative for those who are not a fan of weight lifting.

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Aside from adding it on your traditional strength training program, these elastic loops can also be useful for rehabilitation. The resistance released from the bands brings the right amount of intensity to the muscles, but not too intense to promote fatigue. It is perfect for those who are recovering from an injury. This band can ideally improve your movement and flexibility without the undue stress towards your joints. You can speed up your recovery process and return to your normal function in no time.

Focus and work the specific parts of your body using this fitness accessory. They are pretty simple and easy to use but provides top-of-the-line results. Activate your muscle groups and let your body be more functional with resistance bands. Get yours now, here at Home Gym Set Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Resistance Bands?

Variety is one of the critical variables that our body craves. Switching your routines and exercises are essential to keep your body engaged. Resistance bands are your option for a more dynamic and versatile performance. It is a piece of gym equipment that uses alternate strength to improve endurance which helps you maximise both features at once.

In comparison with other fitness equipment such as free weights and other strength training machines, gym resistance bands remain to be unsurpassed. Whether for physical therapy, aesthetic purposes, or athletic performance, this outstanding gym accessory is still incomparable.

One of the most remarkable features of a resistance band is its ability to maintain the appropriate amount of tension, which is responsible for the brilliant results it provides. You can configure the resistance to go lighter or heavier, depending on your preference.  There is a right amount of control towards every movement so you can modify if you want to contract your muscles to focus on your target entirely.

Many people disregard the purpose of resistance bands. They avoid using this tool because of unfamiliarity. If you want to spice up your strength training and improve your muscle mass, we suggest giving resistance bands a try. It is an excellent addition to your routine that will surely take your fitness training on a different height!

What Are the Different Types of Resistance Bands?

The wide variety of sizes and levels of resistance that every band has opened up the ability to perform various exercises, as well as targeting several muscle groups. Some come in loops, while some are straight, tubular, or flat designs. Some types have handles with varying lengths and tensions. But how will you know which one suits you best? Let’s go over the different kinds of resistance bands as well as their specific features.

Tube-type Resistance Bands. These are resistance bands that have handles which are primarily useful for increasing muscle mass and strength. It is an excellent workout tool that allows you to mix-up your exercises, similar to using free weights. The handles are sturdy enough to promote proper grip for an added safety. You can also increase or decrease the level of resistance as you wish. Carabiners or snap rings are present on stackable resistance bands so you can fasten it along with other bands.

Flat Resistance Bands. This type is often present in therapy settings. Several physical therapists and sports trainers have been using it. These have strategically wide and flat designs to allow easy wrapping around the hands. You can adjust the length easily or cut it into smaller pieces. You can often see it during Pilates programs and strength training, because of its capacity to add resistance.

Looped Bands. These resistance bands are similar to therapy bands but often smaller, and one end has a closed-loop. If you want to enhance your leg strength or improve your buttocks, this is the perfect type for you.

Leg and Arm Resistance Bands. These bands are more specialised and have muscle-specific features. It looks like a closed-loop tube with several varieties such as figure-eight shaped, with ankle cuffs, with handles for the upper body, and many more. However, the exercises performed under this type is a bit limited.

Power and Mobility Bands. These are the most heavy-duty bands available. They resemble loop bands and is often useful for correction of mobility concerns. It can stretch your muscles and bring assistance for pull-ups, powerlifting, and cross-training.

What Are the Benefits of Using Resistance Bands?

Instead of buying expensive equipment, choose resistance bands. It is more practical and efficient. Aside from that, there are more benefits that this essential gym accessory could do.

Resistance bands can help increase your coordination. Just like a cable machine, the straps work to keep a constant tension between your muscles. You can make use of your stabiliser muscles to keep the band aligned throughout your routine for an added challenge. Several muscle groups are involved in improving coordination and balance.

You can get better results using resistance bands. Resistance bands can bring you to a higher level of progress which is much better than any of your regular workouts. There are countless exercise varieties that you can perform depending on the position of the band. You can incorporate it during bicep curls and overhead presses for a killer abdomen, improve your shoulder and arm strength by using it during pushdowns, you can wrap it around a pole for chest press exercises, and so much more.

You can move on multiple planes of motion. The variety of exercises brought by resistance bands also allows you to move freely on different planes of motion. You can add resistance from different directions as compared to the fixed movement from other equipment.

Resistance bands are affordable, storage-friendly, and portable. You can save up a lot by using this single exercise tool instead of purchasing other heavy equipment. It is also small and portable which can be easily packed on your travel luggage or put you can tuck it in your pocket if you want to exercise outside your house. Unlike other machines, it does not require floor space. You can hang it on your closet or slid it under your dresser for easy storage.

It is fit for all fitness levels. Resistance bands are great for first-time users as well as for those who are more advanced individuals. You can use it for leisure, as a variety to your exercises, or for an extra challenge to the traditional training.

Where Can I Find Resistance Bands for Sale?

Here at Home Gym Set Australia, we have the best resistance bands in store just for you! Feel free to browse through our catalogue containing only the leading models handpicked by our experts. We make sure that our products will exceed your expectations, and will surely leave you with the highest satisfaction. We are also a proud distributor for BlackRoll®, an award-winning and sports professionals’ choice for self-myofascial massage release tools, including resistance bands.

If you are looking for great options and better-quality home gym equipment and accessories, you can order them through our online store. We are here to make sure that you spend your money wisely by getting the top-quality items that are sure to last for a very long time. 

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