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Ride to Your Cardio Workout Goals in a Recumbent Bike

Having a comfortable and rewarding cardio is now possible with the recumbent bike. For many exercisers, recumbent bikes give the most comfortable setting in working out their cardio because it is reclined. It has a larger seating pad combined with full back support while sitting in an angled position. You can relax your upper body muscles while the bike focuses on enhancing your lower body and your cardiovascular system. For first-timer home gym owners or new to cardio exercising in general, recumbent bikes offer great conveniences to get you started. For more experienced fitness buffs, they can take advantage of its benefits by adding resistance to the pedal, varying the pedal speed, or even cycling backwards. We know, as a home gym owner, you want to feel relaxed and confident that after an hour or two of exercising you would get what you want from your equipment. This is the cardio equipment for you. Wait no more and browse our selected recumbent bikes for sale at Home Gym Set Australia. We have the top quality brands, including Everfit, Horizon, Matrix, Hybrid Mag Trainer, Orbit, Impulse Encore, and many more.

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Recumbent bikes are very comfy indeed that riders can even read or watch television while exercising, which encourages them to exercise more and not be bothered by the stress the exercise subjects their bodies to. Having this kind of convenience on your side inspires you to have more time in your exercise equipment and lets you maximise the full ability of your home gym equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a recumbent bike and an upright one?
Aside from the comfort of full-back support and larger seat the recumbent bikes offer, they also reduce your upper body tension and thus less muscle fatigue for your upper limbs. Whereas upright or traditional bikes have smaller seats and because your body needs to lean forward when exercising on upright bikes, upper body support is limited. Another great advantage of a recumbent bike is that you can focus your exercises on enhancing your lower body and of course, your cardiovascular endurance. This is especially good for seniors that mostly have deficiencies in their lower limbs, particularly their knees and ankles. Though recumbent bikes might feel dangerous to elders, actually they are the safer option compared to upright bikes since it does not allow you to stand. This eliminates injuries and accidents happening in most upright bikes. But both offer low and high impact cardio exercises that can boost your lungs and heart’s health.

Are recumbent bikes efficient?
Absolutely. These bikes may look like easy cardio, but as the old adage says, “looks can be deceiving”. A study conducted to healthy older women found out that regular exercising in recumbent bikes for 8 weeks improved their strength and power similar to the effects of resistance training. Moreover, recent researches have concluded that recumbent bikes can enhance your lower body more than traditional bikes can. The combination of focused low and high impact stress on your lower limbs enable them to gain more positive results and development. Pedalling in recumbent bikes also produced more significant activity to the muscles at the front of their lower legs.

How do I use the recumbent bike to my advantage?
Actually, there’s nothing you need to do to gain the advantages the recumbent bike has to offer. But heeding on these few tips and techniques can maximise your cardio workout on these fantastic bikes.

Warm-ups and cool-downs are the most essential phases of your exercise. Having a few minutes of warm-up before any strenuous activity is both beneficial to your workout performance as well as your safety. When your lower limbs, hips and even your upper body are warmed to the bike riding exercise, it is easier to glide and go through the motions. Without a warm-up, you may feel pain after a few minutes of riding and even tear your muscles prematurely, which is never a good sign.

Make sure to do the full range of motion when riding on the recumbent bike. Don’t just pedal as fast as you can but literally feel the stretching and contracting of your lower limb muscles. In every exercise that you do, it’s crucial that you feel the tension and the stress that the movements are imposing on your muscles. If you don’t feel it, then the workout is useless. In recumbent bikes, you should feel the back of your thighs being stretched as you extend your legs to the farthest distance. There should also be tension at the front and back of your lower limbs and soles of your feet. That’s how you can be sure that the workout is truly working for you.

Interval training is fitting when you’re working out to lose weight. Interval routines increase the calorie burn more than you can when doing just the regular exercise. Alternate training on a recumbent bike means varying the intensity or resistance of the bike as well as the speed every few minutes or seconds. Most recumbent bikes have screens and programmed workouts that you can take advantage of which include interval training. Starting with a pre-programmed weight loss interval training would best suit your workout goals.

Recumbent bikes are also joint-friendly, and that’s why they are one of the few best fitness buddies of our elders. You can lower the intensity of the bike so that the joints are not agitated. Moreover, recumbent bikes need not for you to stand, which can also add to the impact of the exercise and not to mention balancing problems. A recumbent bike is even fit for those who have injuries on their knees, ankles, and other parts of their lower limbs. This is especially helpful for the recovery of athletes.

Recumbent bikes have a whole lot of gains to offer that you can exploit. It might just be the only exercise equipment you need for your home gym if you only want to enhance your cardio, lower body and your upper body. Purchase one now at Home Gym Set Australia!

Is a recumbent bike the right choice for me?
If you are one of the millions of people who hunched over at the screen of your computer sitting at your desk all day, then you can gain significant benefits in using the recumbent bike. Lower back pains may be one of your recurring problems. Sitting on a recumbent bike will ease the strain on your spine since it gives full support to your back. Upright bikes might aggravate your condition more as you need back to bend your back to grab the handle and start exercising. Also, you may experience buttocks pain due to the constant sitting. Recumbent bikes offer more comfortable seats and larger ones compared to their contemporaries. Plus, you won’t get your bums all sore after the exercise.

Another great benefit of a recumbent bike is the convenience of free hands, meaning you don’t need to hold on to the handles to begin your exercise, even when you are pedalling really fast. This is a unique feature of recumbent bikes. You can read a book, use your phone, and work without worrying that you will lose your balance. You can also use dumbbells or any other upper body activity to complement your lower body exercise.

Recumbent bikes are also the safest and most comfortable option for people who are just starting their workouts on a bike. They don’t pose a danger on your balance. You will never lose your balance in a recumbent bike, whether you increase the intensity of your workout or the resistance of the pedals since you won’t need to stand up and cause you to fall. Using the recumbent bike is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You don’t need the instruction manual to understand how to make it work for you. A few minutes of riding and little adjustments here and there, and you have found the setting that best works for you.

These bikes are also suitable for all fitness levels, and so it can be used by a beginner, advanced trainers, adults and adolescents alike and even seniors. It is for everybody. It also offers low and high impact exercises. So if you’re a beginner or a little older in age, you can opt to lessen the resistance so that your joints and bones are not endangered. Proper form is not also a problem to recumbent bikes since the back support is doing it all for you. You can be confident that you’re doing fine with the exercise and won’t have to worry about back or any muscle problem due to your improper posture while riding the bike.