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Reinforce your core with the ultimate power tower only available from Home Gym Set Australia

A strong core is the most significant factor in achieving optimum performance. Not only does it allow you to work out efficiently, but it also allows you to perform your household chores easier. Home Gym Set Australia is here to help you choose the most efficient core strengthening exercise equipment that’s built to last. We guarantee to tap into your inner athleticism and unleash your true potential to be the best of what you can be. We want you to be a part of our growing family of fitness enthusiasts in Australia. You can achieve all these with the help of the incredible power tower.

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The power tower is one of the most sought-after home gym equipment in the world of fitness and sports. Many individuals are looking forward to taking advantage of the benefits that the power tower can provide. It is well known within the fitness community that a muscular physique can have a tremendous effect in achieving their ultimate fitness goal. That is why the power tower has grown in popularity. The demands for this home gym equipment is staggering. And we believe it for a good reason. Its popularity is well justified. Just ask those people who already experienced its benefits. The power tower indeed deserves its reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the power tower?

The power tower is a piece of exercise equipment that is used primarily to focus on core strength and development. It is also known in different names like the knee raise station and the captain’s chair. The power tower is composed of a heavy-duty steel frame with vertical handles at both ends of the forearm rests. It typically includes a backrest that serves as a support platform while performing core strengthening exercises. The power tower is technically a combination of three exercise equipment that forms into a single unit:


  • The captain’s chair
  • The pull-up bars
  • The Parallel dip bars


Some models differ slightly when it comes to the setup; however, the main features are prominent, even in different brands. This makes the power tower one of the most cost-effective home gym equipment.

What are the uses of a power tower?
Between the combination of thee exercise equipment in a power tower, you can perform tons of exercise techniques. The number of exercise variations is virtually without limits. It’s also straightforward to use, making it one versatile piece of home gym equipment that suits all fitness levels. For example, by simply adjusting your grip on the handles, body position, and general movement, you can focus on different muscle groups in your entire body. You can use it to achieve a full-body workout experience in one go.

What are the benefits of working out on a power tower?
Compound Exercises


One of the best things of working out on a power tower is the ability to gain multiple health benefits. All power tower drills or exercises are referred to as compound exercises. Compound exercises activate and stimulate various major muscle groups. The physical activities that these exercises provide are vital when it comes to your overall fitness progress.   


Speeds Up Weight Loss


With multiple muscles working simultaneously at the same time, more calories and body fats are burned faster, and more efficiently. This method accelerates your weight-loss, allowing you to manage your weight easier. 


Enhances Muscle Flexibility and Improves Coordination


Because of the wide variety of different exercise patterns that you can perform with a power tower, your muscles gain an enhanced range of motion and coordination. The various positions that you can try, improve your muscle control dramatically.


Improves Your Cardio


Working out with multiple techniques forces your heart to work harder continuously. This provides an excellent challenge to your heart which is beneficial for your overall cardiovascular system’s improvement.


Cost-Effective Workout


The nature of exercise techniques that you can perform with a power tower includes lifting your bodyweight. This eliminates the need for buying other exercise equipment. You can stay fit with a single piece of exercise tool.


Saves Time and Effort


With a power tower, you can complete your training session without switching from one exercise equipment to another. This method allows you to save time and effort effectively.   


Ultimate Versatility and Variety


You can add different patterns to your regular training styles to keep you motivated. Taking a break from the monotonous routines helps big time in your overall progress.   


Affordable Yet Durable


The power towers that we offer are generally inexpensive. Technically, a power tower is made of multiple exercise equipment moulded into one, so, you are buying three exercise machines at the price of one. 

They are also made of high-quality materials, making them reliable when it comes to lifespan.


Ergonomic Design


Most models of the power towers that we offer are portable. You can move it from one place to another without hassle. The typical size is also beneficial. It fits most home gyms without restricting your movements.

How should I buy the right power tower?
Here are the top things that to consider before buying a power tower:


  • The power tower should be able to accommodate your current weight.
  • The power tower should be made of high-quality materials.
  • The power tower’s handles should provide a stable grip.
  • The power tower’s backrest padding should be thick and comfortable.
  • The height of the power tower’s frame should match yours.
  • The power tower’s basement should be extended for stability and safety.
  • The power tower’s assembly and installation should be easy.


Once you’re sure that you were able to determine these qualities in a power tower, we suggest that you buy it as soon as possible. These features and traits are the definitive markers of a reliable power tower that is sure to make your workout worthwhile.

Why should I buy from Home Gym Set Australia?
Home Gym Set Australia puts you first above everything else. We are focused on helping you reach your ideal fitness level at all costs. We also carry the best brands to ensure the quality and performance of all the products that we offer. All prices are within a reasonable price range with a variable payment plan to help you buy what you need without spending too much. You can also trust the security of our website. You can order anytime and expect 100% account protection. We also deliver without compromise, our shipping and handling services are top-tier, made possible by the best couriers in the country. Home Gym Set Australia is here to accompany you in your road to a healthier future.