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Squeeze Your Limbs Using A Pilates Ring

The Pilates ring is the heart and soul of Pilates practice. It is coined as such because more than half of the Pilates exercises use this versatile, simple piece of equipment. The Pilates ring or the magic circle as known by Pilatos is a hula-hoop-like ring of at least 13 inches and has paddings on both its sides. It is used to stimulate muscle development and strength in the upper and lower limbs of your body. It’s a resistance exercise that takes advantage of the sturdiness of its material to exert pressure to your legs or arms. Depending on the routine you’re doing, you can opt to use it on both limbs of your arms or legs, or you could also develop one limb first then another. Home Gym Set Australia has the highest quality Pilates rings from top quality brands, including 66Fit, Orbit, and many others.

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A Pilates ring can be made of rubber or flexible metal depending on your fitness level. Rubber made Pilates rings are more flexible and thus are beginner-friendly. Their resistance to the squeezing action of the user is more or less bearable for the novice’s endurance. Metal Pilates rings, on the other hand, are sturdier and are most suitable for advanced Pilatos. They don’t easily give in to the pressures you exert them to, and so you can squeeze them harder as you’d like and get more intense feedback. Purchase your Pilates ring now at Home Gym Set Australia and bring your Pilates session at the comfort of your humble abode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a Pilates ring in my practice?
Since the Pilates ring is a very versatile piece of equipment, it opens up a multitude of Pilates exercises for muscle development and strengthening, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Achieving all these essential physical abilities can give you holistic wellbeing. Let us explore other benefits that the Pilates ring can bestow upon you.


Increased Strength

When utilising the Pilates ring in your fitness activity, it becomes a pretty intense resistance training. As you have already known, intense resistance training is the best way to achieve muscle development and increase your strength. You should always remember that when using the ring, the amount of pressure it pushes back towards you is at least twice the force that you are exerting to it. That’s why it will really wear your muscles out and create micro-tears in it which results in new layers of muscle tissues added. That makes your attractive muscular physique and of course, your improved healthier self.

Increased Body Awareness

It’s the innate ability to know that you’re doing your Pilates exercises in a proper way that can sometimes be a difference in achieving the maximum benefit of this fitness activity or not. In any training, you must always execute in the correct stance to reap its benefits and keep yourself away from injury or unnecessary body pains after the fitness activity. When you use the Pilates ring, you are immediately forced to adjust your stance to find your centre. This will guide you in doing the exercise in proper form and technique. Your body will instantly feel the tension in incorrect places when you are not doing the Pilates exercises properly.

Improved core strength

When exerting force on the Pilates ring to your upper or lower limbs, your core is always activated since it’s the source of your power. By progressively adding pressure to your squeezing action, you are developing your core to its optimum potential in delivering all your strength from your lower to the upper body and vice versa. Having a stronger core means you have sufficient lower back support, excellent stability, and efficient power transference all over your body.


Most Pilates accessories and equipment are very versatile in offering various exercises and developing your body. Pilates rings are no exemption to that. It’s not called the soul of Pilates by mistake. It provides more than 75 Pilates exercises which can boost your body and mind. Pilates is the only fitness activity where you can perform more than enough exercises by just using one Pilates accessory.

How should I choose my Pilates ring?
There are a few essential things to consider when choosing your home gym Pilates ring. Here are a few of them.



These Pilates accessories are available in either rubber or flexible metal. For novice Pilatos, it’s better to choose a rubber made Pilates ring since it is less stiff than metal and therefore pushes back less force. You would need to be used to the feedback pressure first and the intensity of the workout when using the Pilates ring for the first time. Metal Pilates rings, on the other hand, are firmer and can push back twice the force that you exert on them so it can really deliver intense resistance training. As a result, muscle development is hastened by using the metal made Pilates rings. Beginners can also opt to use the metal magic circles, but they have to be sure that they can handle the force of the Pilates ring’s reaction.


Magic circle sizes range from 13” to 16” in diameter. Smaller rings from 12 to 13 inches are often referred to as mini rings and are better suited for smaller or short students. They are the recommended ring sizes for upper body and thigh workouts. On the other hand, larger rings work better for average build users and are the best for lower body exercises. A 14” diameter magic circle is the most common ring size you’ll always encounter in sports goods stores and are often enough for the broader population. As a tip in choosing your ring size, in every Pilates accessories store, manufacturers usually include a chart in choosing the ring size that best fits your body. You can use this as approximation on the dimension of the ring you would want to use for your Pilates home studio.


All Pilates rings have pads on both sides of the ring to support and cushion you through the practice. Newly released magic circles have paddings not just on both sides of the outer ring but also in the inside ring as well. This gives a whole lot more versatility to the exercises you can engage with while practising Pilates at home.


Lightweight magic circles are more convenient for novice students since it needs a lot of resistance and strength to properly manipulate heavier Pilates accessories. But if you are confident and are not overestimating your ability to handle heavier Pilates rings, then go for it. The challenge might be just for you.

How do I use my Pilates ring safely?
Safety is of utmost importance in any fitness activity you partake. And no matter how simple your equipment is like the Pilates ring, danger is always lurking around when you don’t know how to properly use your gear. Take note of these guidelines when using the Pilates ring in your sessions.


Inspect, inspect, inspect

Make sure that your Pilates ring does not have cracks or breaks all around its surface that could injure you. Since you are putting pressure on the rings, it might burst in front of you if there are minute breaks in it. Also, if you are using a metal magic circle, make sure that it does not have residue metal sticking out of its surface that could prick or scar your skin.

Don’t squeeze your Pilates ring excessively.

Apply just enough pressure on the ring so that you can feel the tension on your limbs. When you think that your body is being stretched, that’s sufficient pressure. You can’t gain anything good by squeezing it any more than you should. The Pilates ring might just come off and be a flying projectile to your face or towards others who might be in the room. Learn control. After all, that’s what Pilates is about.