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Practice the Discipline of Pilates with HGSA’s Pilates Equipment

We have the best Pilates equipment for Pilato home practitioners. Home Gym Set Australia has all the kinds of Pilates equipment you need for a satisfying and productive exercise in your home Pilates studio. We have magic circles, Pilates chairs, barrels, balance boards, tower, the Cadillac and its signature equipment, the Pilates Reformer. Home Gym Set Australia also has an array of selected Pilates mats, weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, and many other Pilates gears and accessories to help you have a full range of motion in your practice. Enjoy the benefits of this ideal fitness workout for those who seek to gain muscular strength without excessively exhausting themselves. Home Gym Set Australia has the top brands of Pilates gears on our back, including 66Fit, Orbit, powertrain, NBR, Epitomie Fitness, among others.

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Pilates, as a practice, don’t really need much equipment but using tools and gears will open up more workout options that will let you explore a range of motions which wouldn’t have been possible without the aid of different Pilates machines. If you are building your Pilates studio at home, you must have the basic Pilates gears like the magic circle, some resistance bands, and a Pilates ball to ensure that you can do all the routines that you have studied in Pilates class. A beginner Pilato can benefit from having even just a magic circle and a Pilates mat to get started with practising discipline and gaining muscular strength in Pilates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the magic circle a piece of Pilates equipment?
Definitely, the magic circle is a simple, but effective Pilates equipment aimed to improve your muscular strength and growth and tone your body to perfection. It’s a hula-hoop ring with small pads on either side. The magic circle pads will either be on both the inner and outer sides of the ring or just the outer surface. The magic circle, also known as the Pilates ring is a Pilates equipment used to exert pressure on either side of the ring to promote the muscular strength of your arms and legs. Though the magic circle acts as an antagonist force to induce stress to both your limbs, it is not meant to be crushed. It’s only meant to add a slight resistance to your arms and legs. The magic circle can be either made of rubber or flexible metal. Metal magic circles are for Pilatos that are in the beginner level of their practice and thus need a little bit of leeway in the pressure exerted to their muscles. Whereas, metal Pilates rings are for advanced users who have more grip capabilities and can withstand more stresses. The pads on the outside rings provide protection as you apply a gentle squeeze to your Pilates equipment. Though outer pads are sufficient enough for the practice, having a magic circle with inner pads as well will enable you to practice more exercises with your equipment, just like the rainbow exercise.

What is a Pilates reformer?
Pilates reformers are signature Pilates equipment and are often seen lined up at a Pilates studio. Portable reformers are also famous within home Pilates practitioners circle. They are bed-like frames with a carriage, a platform that has wheels sliding back and forth. The carriage slides forward and back when you pull on a set of straps with handles for your arms. The intensity of this Pilates equipment can be adjusted through the springs called the footbar that connect the carriage and the rest of the reformer’s parts. Shoulder blocks are employed to keep Pilatos from sliding off the end of the reformer as they push and pull on it. The Pilates reformer is utilized by practitioners to promote muscular strength, flexibility, and balance. It might be regarded as the ideal fitness gear for Pilatos since it opens you to a wide range of motion that allows them to develop even the most remote muscles of your body. Pilates Reformer exercises can be done while standing, sitting, lying, pulling the straps, pushing the footbar, perched on the footbar or shoulder blocks, and with the help of additional equipment can also be executed when upside down or sideways. That’s how versatile this Pilates equipment is. The Pilates reformer’s carriage gives instability to the exercise that makes it more challenging combined with the resistance of the footbar. It is also very efficient in core strengthening and offers a full-body workout depending on the routine you are doing on it. The other perk of the Pilates reformer is the ability to invite or create the desired length you want your body to gain, and it also trains your body to maintain that length. The Pilates reformer is really the ideal fitness equipment for home Pilatos out there.

What are the other types of Pilates equipment?

Aside from the magic circle and Pilates reformer, there is still other Pilates equipment that provides you with a greater range of motion and develops your overall physical agility and strength.

  • Pilates chair: Sometimes known as the Wandu chair offers more than 75 Pilates positions and some practitioners believed that’s how it got its unique name, Wandu. It’s a compact device that lets you develop your strength, balance, and flexibility. It was mainly designed to work on your legs and improve blood circulation around your body as well as enhance your cardio.
  • Cadillac: The Cadillac is not a car but a suspended bed with a steel structure on it where the practitioner can hang in different positions using ropes and pulleys. It can be made of wood, steel, or semi-rigid mat. One of the first devices invented by the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, the Cadillac Pilates Trapezium, is the perfect communion of the many traditional weight machines: the high pulley, high and low bench press, and the trapezius, all packed in one Pilates equipment.
  • Ladder barrel: Also coined as the barrel, is the most straightforward Pilates equipment out there, and only uses your body weight to start the exercise. As its name suggests, the ladder barrel is a small ladder combined with a barrel using rails that can be adjusted to adapt to the user’s body length. Most barrels are made of wood and specifically designed to correct posture and focuse on the power centre, your core. It is the friend of novice Pilatos as the movements are easy to replicate and does not need a Pilates teacher’s coaching to know if you are doing the exercise the right way.
  • Pilates mats: Mats are not optional but a necessity for Pilates practitioners, especially for exercises that challenge your balance and those that need to be done lying down flat on your back, sides, or tummy. Don’t just buy any mat, there are distinct differences between a yoga mat, an exercise mat and a Pilates mat. Pilates mats are thick, about the size of a pencil (3/8”) or the thickness of your comforter (1/2”), have slick surfaces, and are wider in size than yoga mats.
  • Pilates resistance bands: If you have seen Pilates DVDs and observed in some Pilates studios in your area, you might have noticed that Pilates bands are ribbon-like elastic strips with varying lengths. Resistance bands made of rubber tubing are also available, but they are not barefoot friendly. As for ribbon Pilates resistance bands, they are flat, easy to manipulate around the body, and are much softer to the feel.
  • Weights: Weights for Pilates practice are your dumbbells, ankle weights, or small-sized kettlebells. These small, light weights can give extra resistance to your Pilates routine.
  • Pilates balls: Combining your Pilates moves with exercise balls can create a dynamic balance training that will surely bring you to grooving class. Your body will learn to endure the resistance brought about by your body and the Pilates exercise itself, practice posture stability, and improve your reaction time which are the key elements in gaining strength and flexibility. One of the best utilities of exercise balls in Pilates is abdominal work that can also be very monotonous and boring without the added challenge of the ball.
  • Rubber roller: Rollers are used to massage the muscles during Pilates exercise. They can be instrumental in maintaining balance and strength in each posture. It makes you enjoy the session more since it provides a massage to the deepest muscles of your body and back. With the release of tension and muscle pain at every roll, you’ll be sure to have a satisfying and refreshing Pilates practice at home.