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Mini trampoline exercises are the best way to have fun and stay fit at the same time. No other exercise equipment can provide these perks than the mini trampoline. It offers a whole new method of training your body without acquiring too much muscle stress and post-workout soreness. The exercises that you can perform with a mini trampoline are low-impact, which is ideal for your joints, but still provides high benefits. The best part is, you won’t even feel you’re training at all! Keeping fit has never been this awesome. Home Gym Set Australia urge you to take advantage of the benefits that only a mini trampoline can provide. Get yours today and visit to learn more about the most incredible deals.

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The mini trampoline is more than just a piece of exercise equipment. Although its primary purpose is for fitness training and play, it is also used in scientific study. NASA even recommends its astronauts to use a mini trampoline to help them improve bone mass development. That’s how versatile this piece of home gym equipment is. Aside from its versatility, the mini trampoline is also ergonomic, easy to use, and inexpensive. 

It’s an absolute space saver that fits inside all sizes of home gyms. The most significant advantage of owning a mini trampoline is you get to enjoy tons of health benefits with only a single piece of exercise equipment. 


Home Gym Set Australia offers everything you need in building and designing your home gym. One of the essential pieces of exercise equipment that you should not be without is the mini trampoline. We offer mini trampolines from the best brands to guarantee optimised performance and durability. We are firm believers that all our customers deserve the best products and services at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mini trampoline?
A mini trampoline is a piece of exercise equipment that is composed of a round metal frame with coiled springs and a durable fabric stretched across to form a rebounding platform. It is also known as a rebounder. The trampoline bed does not provide the bounciness; on the contrary, it must be firm and to provide stability and safety. The trampoline bed is a canvass that is typically made of polyurethane materials to give a firm texture and is also waterproof. The standard shape is usually round, but depending on the manufacturer, it can come in a rectangular or octagonal shape.

A mini trampoline also comes with a safety net or enclosure. This safety feature is ideal for kids and first-time users. Even though it’s waterproof, a cover is created to protect it from water or sun exposure. Home Gym Set Australia has a complete set of the essentials in mini trampolines.

What are the health benefits of mini trampoline exercises?
Mini trampoline exercises provide multiple health benefits that anyone regardless of the fitness level, can achieve. Here’s an overview of the benefits:


Improves bone mass development. Rebounding exercises help improve bone density which is ideal for the overall strengthening of the skeletal system. Not only does it reduce the risks of degenerative diseases like rheumatism and osteoporosis, but it also increases your joint mobility to an optimum level.

Relieves back pain. The bouncing effect does wonder to the spine. It stimulates your back muscles with minimal impact that could result in ridding the strain and soreness. Some people use extra post-workout accessories to relieve back pains, but with the mini trampoline, you eliminate the need.

Improves balance, coordination, and stability. Each jump that you perform with a mini trampoline flexes the canvass with unpredictable angles. This motion stimulates your muscles, continually improving your strength and coordination in the process. An improved balance, coordination, and stability play a vital role not only in your training but also in your daily lives.

Improves your cardio. Trampoline exercises activate your leg muscles the same way as jogging but with less impact. It is generally better for your joints, and it also allows you to exercise longer without the accumulation of strain from your weight. It’s the ideal alternative cardio exercise instead of roadwork.

Improves weight management programs. Research shows that exercising with trampolines burns calories and fats better than running for up to 68% in a one-hour session. This method improves any weight management training to another level.

Improves natural detoxification. Regular training with mini trampolines stimulates the valves in your lymphatic system that enhances your body’s natural way of getting rid of toxins. You don’t need to take vitamins or other methods of detoxification; all you need is a mini trampoline.

What should I look for when buying a mini trampoline?
Maximum weight capacity. Choose a mini trampoline that should bear your current weight. This is for both safety and efficiency. Ask our sales staff to recommend the type that can accommodate your weight.


Shape and portability. Choose a shape and size that will not restrict your movements inside your home gym. Most mini trampolines are round, but if you prefer other forms, then you can choose your preferred type from our online store. We also offer a foldable mini trampoline for maximum portability.


Coverings and paddings. Although the trampoline bed is made of high-quality materials that are safe to come in contact with, the coiled springs pose a slight threat. To ensure your safety, choose a mini trampoline with ample padding to avoid injuries. Another feature that you should look for is covering. This feature is especially useful if you prefer to exercise outdoors. Some covers are UV resistant; it helps extend your exercise equipment’s life.


Safety net and enclosure. This feature is for additional safety and protection. You may want to add a safety net or enclosure if you haven’t used a mini trampoline before. It also protects kids or the elderly from injuries.

Why should I trust Home Gym Set Australia?
Home Gym Set Australia is dedicated to providing world-class service and exercise equipment. Our primary purpose is to help you achieve a healthier body and mind. We guarantee that all the products that we offer can tap into your hidden potential and unleash your inner ability to perform on a different level. We want to be your reliable source of home gym equipment that you can access anytime. We do this by making sure that our online shop is active at all times. We offer the most secure online shopping with affordable prices and a flexible payment plan. All you have to do is place the order, and we deliver wherever you are in the country. We, at Home Gym Set Australia put you first above everything else. If you want to learn more about our products and services, please visit