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Develop Impressive and Explosive Power With A Medicine Ball

It is no wonder why you can always find a medicine ball in sports facilities and rehabilitation centres. The movements are simple but compound. The muscles are not isolated but work harmoniously. This fitness tool will give a new twist to your regular gym routines. The classic throwing and catching exercises can activate your arm muscles to exert a powerful force. Even when it’s weighted, the medicine ball imparts minimal stress to your joints. Indeed, lifting weights or doing squats for too long will only bore you and your muscles. With a medicine ball, you can go for broader moves while giving your muscles the same intensity.

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Excel in sports or improve your coordination and flexibility with a medicine ball. Home Gym Set Australia can deliver you the fitness equipment that will best match your fitness needs. You can browse through our different products and have the best medicine ball in Australia delivered at your doorstep in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use a medicine ball?
The medicine ball is a weighted gym tool you can use in different settings. Unlike other weighted equipment, the medicine ball is easy to incorporate in your workout. Here are different workout settings where owning a medicine ball will come in handy:

  • Throwing. You can probably not come up with other gym tools that are best for throwing exercises. Since the medicine ball is weighted, you also need to exert a sufficient amount of force to throw it efficiently. With the ability to slightly bounce, you can engage not only your arm muscles but your whole body through the dynamic movements when catching it.
  • Slamming. What makes the medicine ball perfect for explosive workouts is its harmless effects on the floor. So whether you plan to do your slamming exercises indoor, the medicine ball will hardly affect your gym mat or flooring. The slamming exercises using a medicine ball will develop the explosive power and strength of your muscles.
  • Balancing. The only thing you need to do to improve your balance with a medicine ball is to own one. Incorporating the medicine ball to your usual workout to put your body slightly off-balance will already recruit the right muscles for stability. And since most of these muscles form the core, doing medicine ball training can give you strong and sturdy abs.
  • Rehabilitation. You can use lightweight medicine balls to help on recovery therapy. The tension from the medicine balls can help in regaining the initial strength of your muscles.

What can I get from a medicine ball?
Medicine ball is for everybody. Whether you are a sports athlete gearing for a big game or couch potato aiming for a healthier life, the medicine ball is the best equipment you should have for your home gym. Here are six excellent reasons why you should get one for your home gym right away:

  • The medicine ball is a valuable body-building tool. Weighted fitness equipment can improve the build and capacity of your muscles. However, with medicine balls, you do not only develop your muscles through the presence of weight but also on the compound movements you execute. With more engagement of the muscles and the intensity of the medicine ball training, you can develop a robust figure and higher strength more efficiently.   
  • The medicine ball increases your explosive power. Whether you are an athlete or a gym regular, achieving an impressive explosive power will be beneficial to your workout as well as in different physical activities like sports. Explosive power refers to the ability to gather and express maximum strength at a short time. By slamming and throwing the medicine ball, or adding it your regular training, you can develop the right skills for improving your explosive power.
  • The medicine ball enhances speed and accuracy. Aside from the muscular effects of medicine balls, your nervous system can also benefit from the different intense exercises. Your brain works to stimulate and connect the right muscle movements during the workout. Medicine ball variations like slams and catches, improve the coordination of your hands, eyes, and feet. You can also learn to control your direction and speed while catching the ball without tripping or stumbling through footwork accuracy.
  • The medicine ball enables functional training. If you are someone who is into improving quality of life and wellness, the medicine ball will be the perfect addition to your home gym. Doing functional training can help you to condition your body to perform regular activities with ease and fewer injuries. With muscular strength and movement precision you can gain from medicine ball, you can easily dodge falling objects or prevent slipping when doing your daily duties.  
  • The medicine ball provides overall fitness. Although others might see it as just another weighted gym equipment, the medicine ball can deliver effects that can help you achieve good shape from head to toe. By engaging bigger muscles when using the medicine ball, you can hasten metabolism and calorie burn. Whether you are into light exercises like cardio and toning or bigger goals like weight loss and muscle-building, the medicine balls can give you the optimum fitness in the right places. 
  • The medicine ball makes training fun and engaging. Even when working out alone, the active movements of ball training can prevent your workout from getting dull. The medicine ball is even easy to pack so you can achieve your travel goals while keeping your body fit and healthy. Most importantly, the medicine ball enables group workouts. You can get powerful as a team through agility and strength training, or you can be proactive as a family with the simple catch-and-throw routines. 

Get yourself a medicine ball now and experience a new fun and challenging way of growing muscles and reinforcing strength.

What is the difference between a slam ball, medicine ball and gym ball?
Many think that all fitness balls will give you the same effect. However, using the wrong type of ball for your exercise will only leave you farther away from your goals. Here are other fitness balls that you might confuse with a medicine ball:

  • Gym Ball. This fitness ball usually has a PVC plastic in the outer shell. Its rubbery material enables the ball to bounce higher and faster. Compared to the other two balls, the gym ball is not weighted, so you cannot use it for slamming exercises. You will often see the gym balls in yoga studios and cardio classes.
  • Slam Ball. Heavier and bigger than the medicine ball, the slam ball has a thicker shell to withstand strong impact even on a rough surface. However, the slam ball does not bounce back efficiently compared to the medicine ball, so you cannot use it to do throwing exercises against a wall. 
  • Medicine Ball. The medicine ball has the perfect bounce and weight for throwing exercises. With the optimum load of the medicine ball, you can gauge your strength through a distant throw. The medicine ball is also excellent when doing ball training with a team or friends since the weight is not too heavy and the size of the ball is optimum for catching.

What should I check when buying a medicine ball for sale?
To ensure that you will fully benefit from the medicine ball, you should check for the right product specifications when you buy. Here is a brief list to help you find the best medicine ball for your training:

  • Choose the right weight. Medicine balls can vary in load. However, if you are still warming up to ball training, you might want to choose a lighter variation. But if you are in searching for a fun way to grow your muscles, then you can start with the heavier types. The different weights available will allow you to shift with heavier loads in the course of your workout.
  • Select the right type. You will mostly find medicine balls that come in the typical circular shape. However, you can find other variants that have handles or attached to a rope to facilitate convenience during exercises. The classic type of medicine balls has leather as its outer covering, but nowadays you can find innovative material like tyre-style textured patterns to improve grip.
  • Examine the material. As you engage your muscles to do your strength training or body-building exercises, the medicine ball will also receive the impact with each throw. Hence, the material should be of high-quality. Buying a medicine ball with low-grade material might quickly wear out. 
  • Buy from a trusted seller. Unlike other gym equipment, medicine balls face different rough surfaces and even powerful force during your training. Source your medicine ball form a reliable provider. Home Gym Set Australia can get you first-rate products from popular brands like Randy and Travis Machinery™ and Ironedge™. With our quality controls and superior standard in choosing products to sell, we can guarantee the value of your money.