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Throw Punches with Maximum Protection Using Boxing Wraps

We all know that boxing is one of the best cardiovascular workouts ever invented. It can burn serious amounts of calories in just a few minutes. Aside from that, it also happens to be a brilliant stress-relieving activity. Boxing is beneficial to release your body’s tension as you punch your way to gain muscle mass and achieve a sculpted figure. But before anything else, it is best to get yourself geared up before stepping into the ring. Use perfectly-fitting boxing wraps before you equip those boxing gloves. It would help if you kept your hands protected to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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Hand wraps are the most valuable tool for protecting your hands from injuries. It does prevent not only scrapes and scratches but also minimises the impact brought by intense punches that you throw and receive. Your hands won’t be able to absorb that much pressure as it collides with your competitor’s gloves.

Today, boxing wraps are widely useful, whether for professional boxing matches or leisure boxing training. The popularity of quick wraps continues to increase as a variety of combat sports keep on evolving. Several variations of hand wraps are also present, each having its features.

Experience a complete training with maximum protection as you throw those killer punches with boxing hand wraps here from Home Gym Set Australia. We offer the most reliable quick wraps that will surely increase your punching power and knock out your opponents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Boxing Wraps?

Since the early days, every fighter has begun using boxing wraps or hand wraps to secure their hands from injuries. It, later on, became a trend and is now a necessity for training and competition. The significance of boxing wraps remains favourable even after the more innovative boxing gloves entered the scene.

Through the years, several adaptations and varieties of combat fighting have paved the way for different styles and designs of hand wraps. Such sports are popular up to this date like mixed martial arts, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and many more.  A typical boxing wrap consists of different materials such as cloth, cotton, gauze, and tape. Some are present as elastic while some are non-elastic. 

Hand wraps became known as quick wraps because it is easy to use and fast to wear. Whereas, boxing wraps tend to be the more specific term and is specialised primarily for boxing. However, considering the similarity of purpose and features, it is regarded as one. The essential characteristic here is that it provides an additional layer of protection under your boxing gloves. It secures both of your wrists and hands, especially during intense movements. Grab a pair or two of these hand wraps and keep your hands protected here at Home Gym Set Australia. 

What Are the Different Types of Boxing Wraps?

There are many types of hand wrap variations available in the market today. It can be a little too overwhelming to differentiate between these types, but Home Gym Set Australia has got you covered. With the right knowledge of the most prevalent kinds, you'll be able to choose which one suits your best. Our experts have narrowed down the list into the four most popular variety of hand wraps. See below information for a more comprehensive overview. 

Cloth Hand Wraps. These type of boxing wraps are classic and traditional. It has been used since the beginning of boxing and is still quite popular up to date. The high-quality cloth material is responsible for providing the necessary protection as you wrap it around your hands, fingers, and wrists. This type of wraps is easy to find and inexpensive. It comes with a variety of colours and designs that you can choose from. You can enjoy a firm and secure hold inside your boxing gloves.

Elastic Hand Wraps. It is most commonly known as the Mexican style wraps. It is more flexible than the traditional hand wraps but resemblance-wise, both styles look the same. The stretchy feature of this type allows firmer and tighter support for added protection. You can cover more parts of your hands because it is stretchable, which is advantageous for extra protection.

Tape and Gauze Hand Wraps. This type of hand wraps is probably the most affordable. It is the most accessible hand wrap to use and can be readily available on your local convenience stores. You have probably come across this on the television or social media. So, if you don't like the hassle of looking for the other types of hand wraps, go for a tape and gauze type.

Cotton Hand Wraps. In contrast with tape and gauze, these hand wraps are harder to acquire and can only be seen on specialised boxing stores. It is versatile and provides maximum comfort for your hands and fingers. The texture and feel are so soft that you wouldn't even feel that you have it wrapped around your hands. It also has sweat-absorbing features that can avoid the accumulation of foul odour inside the gloves.

Quick Wraps. These variation of hand wraps are the easiest to wear. It is elastic, so you can easily slip it on. If you don't like the hassle of wearing hard to wrap bands, you can save a lot of time and effort by using this type of wrap. It also comes with Velcro straps so you can adjust the tightness depending on your preference. It readily absorbs sweat and can fit perfectly on your boxing gloves.

Where Can I Buy Boxing Wraps for Sale?

Home Gym Set Australia is here to offer all kinds of hand wraps from the classic boxing wraps to the most innovated quick wraps. Please choose from our wide selection of brands and models that are handpicked by our experts. We ensure that our items are top-quality and have a very reasonable price. We only offer the best models from the most trusted brands and manufacturers. It is our commitment to provide world-class customer service to our clients and satisfy your every need.

As we continue to expand our horizons, we strive hard to meet all your demands. We continue to curate our catalogue to contain all essential home gym equipment, tools, and accessories to help design and build your workout space. Home Gym Set Australia guarantees that we are more than just an online shop; we are your companion towards reaching your fitness goals.

Maximise your training and achieve perfection without limits with the best boxing gloves brought to you by Home Gym Set Australia. Whether you're preparing to become a boxing champ or doing it for the health benefits, we are here to serve without any restrictions.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to send us a message. We have highly-trained customer representatives that will surely accommodate your needs. Are you looking for expert advice for your home gym? We can connect you with our team of experts. We are more than glad to be of your service. You may visit and browse our website for more information. Here at Home Gym Set Australia, your fitness is our priority.