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Get Ripped Through Waves and Whips Using Battle Ropes

If you think creating waves or undulations using the thick and heavy battle ropes is easy, then you guess wrong. The battle ropes will give you the exact amount of force you apply. Whether you are into muscle building, muscle toning or stress-free cardio workouts, the battle ropes can get you the sculpted muscles and conditioned heart you desire. With the versatile variations available, burning calories will never be boring.

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However, before you get yourself to searching for a battle rope for sale on the nearest store, make sure that your source your fitness equipment from reliable and honest suppliers. Home Gym Set Australia can ensure the quality of the materials and long-lasting use of your battle rope. Sourced from renowned manufacturers, we can deliver you the top-notch battle rope that is fit for your home gym and fitness needs. Browse through our different offers on battle ropes, and with just a few taps on your phone, you can get to forming big ripples in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using battle ropes?
Battle ropes are the new craze now among gym-goers, and it is not much of a mystery why. From supporting total body workouts to fun variations, you can improve your body conditions in and out. What is even better is having your own battle ropes to use for your workouts anytime and anywhere. And if you do not have a battle rope yet, here are the reasons why you should look for a battle rope for sale right away:

  • The battle rope paves for a total body workout. The battle ropes engage not only your upper body muscles but also the lower extremity muscles responsible for your stability and coordination. With the different exercise variations you can do with battle ropes, you can recruit various muscle groups from your body. You can shift places while doing the classic battle rope waves to build the strength and size of your upper extremities as well as your core and legs. 
  • The battle rope can compensate for imbalances. Compared to other strength exercises, the battle rope does not have strict rules in doing the workout. You can give more tension to your dominant arm and less stress to the other. Most weighted gym equipment puts your arm into equal pressure that can lead to one part being more developed than the other. The body increases in muscles size depending on the intensity and presence of stress. With a battle rope, each body part meets an optimum tension to develop muscle size and power. 
  • The battle ropes are excellent in reducing fats. Being a perfect fitness tool for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), the battle ropes can hasten your metabolism and cut off the excess fats. The consistent and repetitive movements of the arms can quickly exhaust your body’s nutrient supply. Typically, the body adapts to this high demand for energy by converting calories from fat into food for your muscles. More so, with battle rope exercises, you can engage not only your arms but also your lower extremities. The compound movements can stimulate your body’s metabolism to work faster. Hence, with a battle rope, you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time.   
  • The battle ropes can support a broader range of motions. The free form and length of the battle ropes make it ideal for functional exercise. Functional workouts condition your muscles to perform regular duties with ease and less stress on the body. With a battle rope, you can enhance your wrist muscles for a firmer grip and improve agility. You can engage your joints on shoulders, knees, hips and ankles through jumping and numerous footwork. The battle ropes impose intensity to your training without restricting flexibility and broad movements.
  • The battle ropes minimise the risk for injuries.  Even with the engagement of the majority of your muscles, the battle rope can secure your safety. The best part of doing workouts with battle ropes is the power of control over the training intensity. Compared to other gym equipment for total body workout or even strength training, the battle ropes only provide the tension you created through the waves. With battle ropes, you do not have to face the risk of miscalculations in lifting barbells or stabilising your body when doing pull-ups. You can enhance your muscle strength and even improve muscle shape using a battle rope without risking your safety.  
  • The battle rope is portable. With just a single post or a wall to attach your battle ropes to, you can get started on you calorie-burning workouts. Although you can find a battle rope on your regular gym, owning one for your home gym workouts will give you more freedom in doing your exercises anywhere, from your backyard to your own fitness space. Although numerous fitness equipment can be as portable, none of them can support total body workout. So if you are someone who is both into travel and fitness, the battle ropes are your handy go-to gym equipment. 
  • The battle rope makes versatile workouts possible. Most high-intensity exercises like lifting and pull-ups are tedious and can lead to monotonous and uninteresting training. But with battle ropes on your home gym, you do not have to add anything to keep your routines challenging and fun. The battle ropes mirror the force you give when doing the waves, so the more power you exert when creating the waves, the more challenging the variations will become. By adding simple variations like whipping motion or slams, you can progress through your strength training without shopping for new equipment.

Even if you are not so much into complex exercises, the battle ropes can match the intensity of your workout. With a battle rope in your home gym, there is no doubt that every training will be fun, dynamic and effective. Browse through our brochure and get superior quality battle ropes delivered in your address right away!

How do I choose the perfect battle ropes to buy?
Regardless if you are into CrossFit training or regular cardio exercises, owning the most suitable battle rope for your workout will help you experience all of its benefits. Just like buying your other gym equipment, you should always put your goals first when you shop for a battle rope. Here is a buyer’s guide for men and women when purchasing a battle rope:

  • Choose the right battle rope material. The durability and the cost of the battle rope will primarily depend on the type of material you choose. Although its service life will also depend on the intensity of the exercise and the surface of your floor, you have two options when selecting your battle rope:
    • Poly Dacron. Battle ropes with poly dacron material consist of synthetic plastic fibres that twist together to form a larger strand and into a rope. If you want to keep focus and concentrate while doing your routines, the poly dacron battle ropes will be the best material to use for an indoor home gym. The synthetic fibres do not usually shed so you can keep your fitness area neat and tidy. However, there is another low-quality poly dacron on the market that may confuse you with the durable type. Make sure to shop for genuine battle rope brands like Orbit fitness to be confident of its quality.
    • Manila.  Although it may shed small fibres from time to time, the manila battle ropes will be the most suitable for your outdoor workout. With hemp plant fibres as its material, these ropes are organic and natural. 
  • Consider the length of the battle rope and the space it needs. Depending on the type of training you have, you can choose from different options. Shorter battle ropes will not be able to provide fluid movements, but it can pave for intense workouts through powerful bursts. On the contrary, longer battle ropes will help you build momentum. With a longer battle rope, the force you exert when doing the waves will reach the endpoint that will create feedback of the same power. 
  • Select the right thickness for a more comfortable grip. Taking your fitness goals into consideration is essential in choosing the thickness or the diameter of the rope. As a rule of thumb, thicker battle ropes will be heavier and more challenging to grip while battle ropes in smaller diameter are far lighter and more comfortable to grasp. Here are the various types of battle rope diameters that are suitable for different types of training:
    • Build muscles. Big battle ropes yield bigger muscles. If you want to build boulders and bigger physique, you might want to opt for the 2’’ battle ropes. Most brands like Orbit fitness creates this type of ropes extra strong to bear the abrasion during workouts. 
    • Improve cardio endurance. Reap all the cardio benefits of battle ropes by using a 1.5’’ diameter that is suitable for a firm grip. Get rid of your stair trips and early morning jogs and condition you heart with indoor cardio while effectively burning your fats.
    • Create explosive workouts. The length of the battle rope and its 2" diameter are useful buying guidelines when looking for the best dimension to use when you want to burnout your arm muscles. 
  • Source it from a trustworthy supplier. Make sure that your fitness equipment does not cause you money more than it should. Shop at reliable stores to get the most of your investment. With the right provider of your fitness equipment, you will get not only authentic products but also genuine transactions.

With these guides, you can champion high-intensity training in no time. Check our product catalogue to score the best deal on battle ropes.